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Wedding Planner
Wedding Planner

Hello Friends,

Today, I am going to discuss how to become a wedding planner?

Who is wedding planner?

A person who plans or arrange all things for bride and groom for their wedding ceremony like Venue, Decoration, Floral, Themes, Apparel, Jewellery, Gifts etc and who is expertise in this field known as Wedding Planner. The wedding planner charges a fee for these arrangements and that is their profession or passion. The wedding planner plans or arranges the wedding customer's estimated budget.

Famous Wedding Planners List

  • David Stark.
  • Stefanie Cove.
  • Yifat Oren.
  • Alison Events.
  • Fiona Leahy.
  • Easton Events.
  • Lisa Vorce.
  • Rachel Birthistle.
  • Michelle Rago.
  • Geller Events.
  • Troy Williams.
In India, Wedding Ceremony is a big celebration for all type of people in fact they are celebrities or common people. Indian celebrates their wedding ceremony with full of joy and lots of arrangements. Indian spends lots of money for their wedding ceremony.  So, in India becoming a wedding planner is a good option for income.

How to become a wedding planner?

If, you have decided to pursue your career as a wedding planner, then you have to focus on these points.

Learning Objectives of a wedding planner
  • Understand different wedding traditions, customs, and their impact on wedding celebration and research on rituals or traditions of weddings in different regions. 
  • Creative idea, organize and plan of a wedding.
  • Present the plan to the prospective bride and groom and their family members.
  • Work on international best ideas or destination of a wedding and provide excellent services.
  • Handle Crises arising during weddings patiently and professionally.
  • Work on negotiate for the best deals F&B, Venue, Printing, Floral work, Gift registries.
  • Prepare and planned well-organised wedding checklists.
There are multiple institutions or colleges providing or offering certification courses or diploma courses. You can check below links of that type of colleges or institution.

Wedding Planner Certification Course

Wedding planner online certification course

Learning Points to become a successful wedding planner
  1. Orientation.
  2. Wedding Planner Profile.
  3. Introduction to Event Management & Wedding Planning.
  4. Wedding Cultures.
  5. Wedding Planning Stages.
  6. Destination Weddings.
  7. Market Visits.
  8. Creativity in Weddings & Theme Weddings
  9. Wedding Invitation & Gifting.
  10. Wedding Venue – Layouts.
  11. Wedding Photography & Wedding Video.
  12. Wedding Catering.
  13. Technical – Sound & Light.
  14. Vendor Management & Licensing.
  15. Wedding Set-up Décor.
  16. Client Meeting & Closing Presentation and Sales.
  17. Budgeting.
  18. Entrepreneurship.
  19. Presentation and Sales.
These colleges offer internship and placement assistance. Working on weddings during the course is part of the training. Students will be taken to see wedding build-ups, have workshops with Floral Designers and Decors, and experience all facets of wedding management. At the end of the course, subject to the candidate’s performance, attendance, attitude and knowledge, their CV’s will be sent to different wedding planning companies for placements. Also, the industry faculty which will visit the institute during the course will the tapped upon for placements and internships

Wedding Planner Certification course cost

A Six month Course with $600 to $790 in renowned institution like Penn Foster Career 

In India the cost of certification course of a wedding planner starts 30,000 to 1,00000 Rs.

Wedding Planning School


Careers of a Wedding Planner

If you have creative ideas and you have management quality and weddings are your passion, then The Wedding Planning Program is the perfect course for you.  Wedding Planning Course trains you in the art of planning and executing dream weddings, where you will be able to create the most unique and memorable experiences for the couple.

The Wedding Industry, the number of weddings in the world is estimated at 1,20,000 wedding ceremonies each day and growing. Wedding planning makes up a multi-billion-dollar industry globally. In India itself according to a survey, there are about 10.5 million weddings in India in a year. They estimate a total of Rs 1,00,000 cr as the estimated total spends by people on weddings in one year. This would be broken up as a spend of Rs 30,000 cr on jewellery, Rs 10,000 cr on apparel, and Rs 30,000 cr on household items. They estimate expenditure on wedding arrangements, F&B, design/décor itself would amount to Rs 40,000 cr. So, you can imagine wedding is a big event in our life and all country. Become a wedding planner would be a profitable profession/business too in all country, especially in India.

Wedding Planner Certification courses in India



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