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How to become an entrepreneur online

How to become an entrepreneur online? Today, I am going discuss this topic mainly for those people who have creative mind and thirst to do something new and change their lives.

Who is an entrepreneur (Being your own boss)?

Entrepreneur is a person who has a creative mind, thirst of work, innovations ideas, imaginations, capacity and willingness to develop, organize, and manage the business ventures along with all situations and its risks like ups and downs. Entrepreneur is an individual who has the potential to take risks in all fields like marketing, financial, competition, plan, profit, loss in any start-up business. There are no age limits of a successful Entrepreneur, their main characteristic is creativity.

Entrepreneur has the capability to do hard work in all situations and creative thoughts for running a successful business venture.

It was a myth that a successful entrepreneur doesn't need any college degree to become an entrepreneur.

In a simple word a person who has those qualities would be a successful Entrepreneur.

List of online start-up businesses running by entrepreneurs

Flipkart, Snapdeal, Jabong, Olx, Twitter, Facebook, Alibaba, Craftsvilla, Clubfactory, instagram etc.

Famous Entrepreneurs List

Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook Co-founder)
William Bill Gates (Microsoft Corporation).
Sam Walton (Walmart).
Larry Page, Sergey Brin (Google co-founder)
Sachin Bansal, Binny Bansal (Flipkart).
Orpah Gill Winfrey.
Henry Ford (Ford Motor Company)
Thomas Edison.
Jack Ma (Alibaba Group)
Jeff Bezos (Amazon)
Steve Jobs (Apple Inc.)
Prasoon Gupta.
Manish Goel.

These are few famous entrepreneurs name and their start-up companies

How to become an entrepreneur
How to become an entrepreneur

What is entrepreneurship?

The activity of setting up a business or businesses for run a new business with all circumstances like loss or profit, success or failure.

How to become an entrepreneur?

The main steps to become an entrepreneur,

  1. To become an entrepreneur, you have to leave your regular job and concentrate your mind in new business ideas.
  2. Think about successful entrepreneurs who running their million dollar business and how to start.  
  3. To become an entrepreneur, you must have capability to take risks and challenge.
  4. To become an entrepreneur always keep positive thinking and hard work.
  5. Find any co-founder.
  6. Arrange funds.

How to become an entrepreneur online

First of all select your suitable niche or type of business you have to do, then plan your business and follow these steps to become an entrepreneur online.

  • Select your niche or category of your business.
  • Plan your business.
  • Start learning all pros and cos about that business.
  • Think about new ideas to serve your service.
  • Find financier.
  • Focus on only one online business first.
  • Find your audience/target group/seller.
  • Sell your plan.
  • Networking for service.
  • Start a blog.
  • Advertising online.
There were lots of university where you can study entrepreneurship courses. They offered various courses.

Babson College Entrepreneurship

University of Michigan Entrepreneurship

University of Washington.

University of Houston Entrepreneurship

Xavier University

What are the Challenges to become an Entrepreneur?

People do not show interest on your plan business first.
People do not have faith in start-up business.
People do not agree with your idea first and do not support and hard task to convince them.
There are lots of risks factors like financial loss and failure because every entrepreneur are not going to be successful.

Best Online Colleges For Entrepreneurship Program

How to become an entrepreneur online
How to become an entrepreneur online

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