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Medical Transcriptionist
Medical Transcriptionist

What is medical transcription? Today, I am writing about medical transcription. It is a health care profession.

Medical transcription is the process of preparing reports of the patients from recorded voice of physicians or health care provider to keep the data or medical record for health care insurance companies, doctors, and patients. You have seen whenever you or anybody discharged from the hospital they were given a report about your diseases, diagnostic tests, medicine and instructions, such type of report or document is called medical report and who were transcribed or preparing those reports known as medical transcriptionist and this medical report preparing process is called medical transcription.

It is a very known profession in USA, UK, UAE, Australia and now very popular in rest of countries of the world.

In India, it is a very growing industry and most of the US, UK medical transcription work outsourced here.  They are outsourcing this job in our country and there are many medical transcriptionist involved in this field. In India there are many transcription companies worked for US and UK hospitals, clinic, and health care center and insurance companies.

I am mentioning some of these companies which were generally doing US transcription.

Top Medical Transcription Companies In India
  • Nuance.
  • Mmodal.
  • Perry Johnson Transcription Service.
  • iData.
  • Mediscript.
  • Accusis India Private Limited.

Similarly, there are lots of compnies who work for UK hospitals, clinic and health care center.

In Indian hospitals, clinic and insurance company also preparing medical record for patients.

Eligibility Criteria to be a Medical Transcriptionist

If you are completed your 12th grade or graduate with PCB stream (any stream) then you are eligible for this course. This is a health care related industry and there are lots of institutions for this course. Earlier this course or job only done in USA, UK but now days all over the world has done this job and lots of people are doing this job.

How to become a medical transcriptionist in India?

In India there are several training center of medical transcription specially in South India and this industry very popular in South India rather than other parts of the India. Its most of the training center and companies were located in big cities.

Azimuth Academy
List of Medical Transcription Training Center

For preparing medical report you have to learn some skills such as Medical terminology, English grammar, Keyboard typing, human anatomy, American accents or UK accents, etc.

During this course you have to learn how make report in MS word, editing, formatting, hear doctor's accents and understanding all words one by one to make a error less report. During this course below topics are the main topics you have to learn and get trained.

  • Human Anatomy.
  • Medical Terminology.
  • Pathology.
  • Pharmacology.
  • Basic Medical Transcription.
  • Keyboard Typing.
  • English Grammar and Style.
  • CIS.
  • Speech Recognition Editing.
Medical transcription course online and offline both mode are available. It is basically for 6 months but 6 months is not enough for these course so when you started work you learn and get experience. Most of the company provided work or placement after completion of this course so there are no worry for work.

Medical Transcription course/Training Fee

Different institution had different fee structure but generally fee is 25,000 to 50,000 for this course. There are many type of course such as certificate course, diploma course and they charges different fees for different courses.

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Job profile of a Medical Transcription

In medical transcription industry there are several types of job profile such as:
  • Junior Medical Transcriptionist.
  • Senior Medical Transcriptionist.
  • Proofreader.
  • Editor.
  • Quality Analytics.
  • Team Leader.
In Indian companies basically they converted the US, UK doctors or health care provider's recorded voice into a medical report.  The US, UK based hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers, or insurance companies sent the recorded voice of doctors or PA for preparing medical report and Indian companies sent it back to them through internet whenever turned into a medical report.

Essential Equipments for Medical Transcription:
  • Computer/Laptop.
  • Headphone.
  • Internet connection.
  • Foot Pedal.
  • Power backup.
  • Medical Transcription software (Company provided).
What is Speech Recognition Machine?

Earlier the reports were made fully manually which is called standard medical transcription but now we have Speech Recognition Machine (This machine has capability to convert languages to text) and these type of files called SR files.  Most of the company use this machine for preparing report and they hired medical transcriptionist for editing and proofread those reports. But few companies are doing standard transcription also and these type of reports or files are fully punched by medical transcriptionist.

Most of the Medical transcription companies are located at Bangalore, Coimbatore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, and Kolkatta and few are other parts of the India.

Work Schedule of a medical transcription

This job also available in home based mode that means if you have all necessary equipments then you are working from home but now most of the company provides office based work and night shift.
Day shift also available in few companies. It also available in part time basis.

Salary of a medical transcriptionist

In this industry based upon your experience and accuracy your salary decided.  Accuracy is the main key or factor in this industry. Few company pays on a line count basis.

US companies were pay their employee on per hour basis.

Indian medical transcriptionist pay scale

As a Junior MT 10-15 k.
As a Senior MT 20-30 k.
As an Editor 35-45 k.

Team Leader has got almost 50,000 to 60,000 with incentive it almost 80-90 k. You can see also in below links.

Salary of a Medical Transcriptionist in India

Salary of a medical transcriptionist in USA

In Indian hospitals, clinic and health care center, diagnostic center there are also demand of medical transcriber but their job process is different from USA and UK. Report making process is different.

If you are graduate or you completed your 12th grade then you can choose this profession. If you have good listening power, good knowledge of English, responsible too, then you can start your carrier in this field. It is an best choice for housewives because this work is also available in Home Based Transcription (HBT) option and you can start training and work both from home.

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