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29 September 2018



This article is about the medical transcription profession. Medical transcription is the process of preparing reports of the patients from recorded voice of physicians or health care provider to keep the data or medical record for health care insurance companies, doctors, and patients.  You have seen whenever you or anybody discharged from the hospital they were given a report about your diseases, diagnostic tests, medicine and instructions, such type of report or document is called medical report and who were transcribed or preparing those reports known as medical transcriptionist and this medical report preparing process is called medical transcription.

It is a very known profession in USA, UK, UAE, Australia and now very popular in rest of countries of the world.

Working with Voice Recognition Machine
Working with Voice Recognition Machine

In India it is a very growing industry and most of the US, UK medical transcription work outsourced here.  They are outsourcing this job in our country and there are many medical transcriptionist involved in this field. In India there are many transcription companies worked for US and UK hospitals, clinic, and health care center and insurance companies.

I am mentioning some of these companies which were generally doing US transcription.
  • Nuance.
  • Mmodal.
  • Perry Johnson Transcription Service.
  • iData.
  • Mediscript.
  • Accusis India Private Limited.

Similarly there are lots of compnies who work for UK hospitals, clinic and health care center.

In Indian hospitals, clinic and insurance company also preparing medical record for patients.



If you are completed your 12th grade or graduate with PCB stream (any stream) then you are eligible for this course. This is a health care related industry and there are lots of institutions for this course. Earlier this course or job only done in USA, UK but now days all over the world has done this job and lots of people are doing this job.

In India there are several training center of medical transcription specially in South India and this industry very popular in South India rather than other parts of the India. Its most of the training center and companies were located in big cities.

Azimuth Academy
List of Medical Transcription Training Center

For preparing medical report you have to learn some skills such as Medical terminology, English grammar, Keyboard typing, human anatomy, American accents or UK accents, etc.

During this course you have to learn how make report in MS word, editing, formatting, hear doctor's accents and understanding all words one by one to make a error less report. During this course below topics are the main topics you have to learn and get trained.

  • Human Anatomy.
  • Medical Terminology.
  • Pathology.
  • Pharmacology.
  • Basic Medical Transcription.
  • Keyboard Typing.
  • English Grammar and Style.
  • CIS.
  • Speech Recognition Editing.
Medical transcription course online and offline both mode are available. It is basically for 6 months but 6 months is not enough for these course so when you started work you learn and get experience. Most of the company provided work or placement after completion of this course so there are no worry for work.


Different institution had different fee structure but generally fee is 25,000 to 50,000 for this course. There are many type of course such as certificate course, diploma course and they charges different fees for different courses.

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In medical transcription industry there are several types of job profile such as:
  • Junior Medical Transcriptionist.
  • Senior Medical Transcriptionist.
  • Proofreader.
  • Editor.
  • Quality Analytics.
  • Team Leader.
In Indian companies basically they converted the US, UK doctors or health care provider's recorded voice into a medical report.  The US, UK based hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers, or insurance companies sent the recorded voice of doctors or PA for preparing medical report and Indian companies sent it back to them through internet whenever turned into a medical report.

Essential Equipments for  Medical Transcription:
  • Computer/Laptop.
  • Headphone.
  • Internet connection.
  • Foot Pedal.
  • Power backup.
  • Medical Transcription software (Company provided).

Earlier the reports were made fully manually which is called standard medical transcription but now we have Speech Recognition Machine (This machine has capability to convert languages to text) and these type of files called SR files.  Most of the company use this machine for preparing report and they hired medical transcriptionist for editing and proofread those reports. But few companies are doing standard transcription also and these type of reports or files are fully punched by medical transcriptionist.

Most of the Medical transcription companies are located at Bangalore, Coimbatore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, and Kolkatta and few are other parts of the India.


This job also available in home based mode that means if you have all necessary equipments then you are working from home but now most of the company provides office based work and night shift.
Day shift also available in few companies. It also available in part time basis.


In this industry based upon your experience and accuracy your salary decided.  Accuracy is the main key or factor in this industry. Few company pays on a line count basis.

US companies were pay their employee on per hour basis.

I mentioned Indian medical transcriptionist pay scale below:

As a Junior MT 10-15 k.
As a Senior MT 20-30 k.
As an Editor 35-45 k.
Team Leader has paid almost 50,000 to 60,000 with incentive it almost 80-90 k. You can see also in below links.

Salary In India of a Medical Transcriptionist

Pay Scale in USA

In Indian hospitals, clinic and health care center, diagnostic center there are also demand of medical transcriber but their job process is different from USA and UK. Report making process is different.

If you are graduate or you completed your 12th grade then you can choose this profession. If you have good listening power, good knowledge of English, responsible then you can start your carrier in this field. It is a best choice for housewives because it is also available home based option and you can start training and work both from home.

Best of Luck!

26 September 2018



Dairy Farm
Dairy Farm

Hi Friends,

Aaj main apko Dairy Farm ke bare jankari doongi. Pahle jante hai dairy farm ke bare me ki kaise aap isse start kar sakte hai aur munafa kama sakte hai. Dairy farm me cow (gai), buffalo (Bhais), goat aur bher ko pala jata hai aur unse milnewali dudh (mil)k ko bazar me becha jata hai. India sabse jyada milk producing country hai.

India me almost 60% se 70% log farming karte hai aur ajkal farmer bahut hi difficult situation me hai aur bahut jyada suicide kar rahe hai issliye agar farmer ko agar crop farming se faida nahi ho rahi to dusri farming kar sakte hai jaise fish farming, dairy farm, flowers farming, vegetables farming, herbs farming.

Dairy farm India me bahut hi popular business hai kyuki dudh ya dairy products sabhi use karte hai chahe woh vegeterian ho ya non-vegetarian. Dudh se sab kuch banta hai jaise ki butter, ghee, sweets, paneer, ice-cream, dahi, cheese aur ye sab chije kisko pasand nahi hai? Iski demand to puri duniya me hai.

Dairy farm bahut hi achha business hai lekin pahle isske bare jankari chahiye. To agar aap dairy farm kholna chahte hai to sabse pahle NDDB (National Development Dairy Board) iski jankari ya training le sakte hai aur Dairy Farm start kar sakte bhi.

NDDB Service ke bahut sare branches India me hai jo ki Dairy Farm kholne ke liye help karte hai aur training bhi deti hai Farm kholne ke liye aur Dairy Farm ke bare me jankari bhi deti hai. Loan ki subidha bhi kar deti hai.

Cattle Farm


Agar aap pade likhe hai to aap iss business ko shuru kar sakte ho agar nahi bhi ho to kar sakte ho. Lekin iss businesses me physically active hona bahut jaruri hai. Isme bahut mehnat lagti hai aur start karne se pahle har tarah ke Jankari lena jaruri hai nahi to aapko labh ki bajay hani bhi ho sakti hai.

Kaise Start Kare

Agar aap ke pas jamin hai to achha hai agar nahi to aapko lease me jamin lena hoga kyuki dairy farm ke liye jagah to chahiye. Agar apke pas jyada jamin hai to aap bada farm se shuru kar sakte hai issme munafa jyada rahega. Nahi to aap chote se shuru kar sakte hai. Kam se kam aap agar 15 se 20 janwaro ke sath karenge to achha rahega. Cow ke tulna me buffalo jyada dudh deti hai. Cow bhi thik hai dairy kholne ke liye. Goat ya sheep kam dudh deti hai to dairy farming cow ya buffalo se shuru karne se achha rahta hai.

Sabse pahle aap apni area ke market me jakar pata kare market me cream ya non-cream dudh ka demand jyada hai phir us hisab se cow ya buffalo kharid sakte hai. Cow ke dudh me fat kam rahta hai aur buffalo ki dudh me jyada fat hai. Phir apko weather ke hisab se cow ya buffalo ke breed ya nasl kharidne chahiye. Kyuki sab jagah me sab nasl ya breed ke janwar nahi rah sakte bimar jaldi ho jayenge. Isliye apne area ke weather ki hisab se kharide cow ya buffallo. Aap dono bhi rakh sakte hai farming ke liye.

Main aapko kuch Dairy Farm ke liye suitable breeds ke bare batati hoon ye breeds bahut hi achhi hai Dairy Farm ke liye

Cow Breeds (Nasl)

  • Sahiwal
  • Gir
  • Sindhi
  • Tharparkar

Buffalo Breeds

  • Murrah Buffalo.
  • Nagpuri.
  • Carabao.
  • Nili-Ravi.
  • Surti.
  • Mehsana.
  • Bhadawari.

Kharidne ke samay janwaro ki Health, Age, Khurak, Productivity, Vaccination ke bare me jankari lekar kharide jo ki bahut jaruri chize hai. Ek gai lagbhag 10 se 12 sal tak jiti hai aur lagbhag 1.5 ke age me bachhra janne ke liye ready ho jati hai to lagbhag 8-9 sal tak dudh dene ke layak rahti hai.

Dairy Farm Start Karne Ke Liye Kuch Important points


Janwaro ke rahne ke liye kam se kam har har ek ko 10 feet x 5 feet square feet jagah honi chahiye taki ye thik se baith aur ghum phir sake. Shelter me ventilation ke liye khula hua area chahiye kam se kam dono taraf. Garmi me shade ya chhao ke liye bhi plants ya kuch aur tarika apnana chahiye taki unhe taklif na ho. Janwar garmi me jyada bimar padte hai isliye khyal rakhna chahiye.

Floor me ek side thora down hona chahiye taki drainging me asubidha nahi ho cleaning karte waqt.

Cow and calf
Cow and Calf


Dairy Farm ke liye sabse important part hai ye. Shelter ko hamesha clean rakhna chahiye taki janwar kam bimar pade aur healthy rahe tabhi to dudh achhi milegi aur bachhre bhi healthy honge.


Vaccination hamesha thik samay me karte rahna chahiye taki bimari se bacha rahe. Veterinary doctors ke observation me rakhna chahiye janwaro ko. Agar bimar bhi pade to elaj jaldi se karna chahiye.

Food ya Chara
Janwaro ke chara ka thik tarah se khyal rakhna chahiye taki unki productivity jyada ho aur woh healthy rahe aur healthy bacchre ko janm de. Unhe nutritionwala chara khilane chahiye jaise ki  Green Fodder, Dry Fodder, Mineral Fodder taki dudh jyada mile (green grass, paddy straws, oiled cake, Maize oil, Chana Churi, Guar meal, Sunflower seed). Sab milakar dena chahiye jaise ki Sukha chara, Bhiga chara aur minerals added chara. Chara aap ghar me bhi taiyar kar sakte ho unki bhi machine aati hai aur market me bhi milta hai. Ghar me taiyar karne se achha hai.

Janwaro ko hamesha clean water deni chahiye pine ke liye din me kam se kam 3 se 30 gallons pani pi leti hai unko weather, weight, size, age aur milk productivity stage ke hisab se pani deni chahiye.

Unhe nahlate rahna chahiye healthy rahne ke liye khaskar garmi me. Farm ko daily basis se clean karna chahiye.

Saf safai ka dyan rakhna chahiye nahi to unke skin me kide lagenge and bimar padenge isliye saf safai ka dyan thik se rakhna chahiye.


Dairy farm kholne ke liye government se loan ki subhidha hai. Dairy Farm start karne ke liye 10 lakh tak lòan mil jati hai minimum 65% amount tak ki loan bank se approved ho jati hai aur 15% se 20% amount NGO jaise sansthano mil jati hai to apko sirf 20% se 25% amount investment karne jarurat padti hai. Apke pas agar jyada capital nahi hai to small dairy farm se start kar sakte hai.

Buffalo ke dam lagbhag 80000 se 150000 Rs hai.

Cow ke dam 50000 se 150000 Rs hai.

Dudh nikalne ke machine lagana sahi rahta hai usse hygiene maintained hota hai aur easy tarike se dudh bhi nikal sakte hai aur jaldi bhi ho jata hai.

Milk suction machine for cows
Dudh nikalne ke machine


Dairy Farm se aap dudh bechkar income kar sakenge, bachhra bechkar, gobar, Gai ke urine bechkar bhi income kar sakte hai. Aap agar chahte hai income achhi ho to Big ya Mid dairy farm se start kijiye tab aapko munafa dikhai dekha. Dudh ko aap market me supply kar sakte hai ya aapke area me jo Dairy Farm Company hai unhe supply kar sakte hai ya apni Dairy Farm ki Company khol sakte hai.

Dairy Farm me ek gai se din me kam se kam 2 se 3 bar dudh nikalte hai joki lagbhag 8 se 12 Litres tak bhi hote hai ye unki breed ya weight ki hisab se hoti hai aur unki dekhbhal ki tarike me depend karta hai. Buffalo ek din me kam se kam 8 se 16 litres tak dudh deti hai.

Aur ek bat dudh me milawat mat kijiye agar aap apne janwaro ka khyal apne bachho ke jaise rakhenge to aap ko munafa jarur hoga aur apni dairy farm ko badane sakenge.

To aap bhi apna Dairy Farm start kar sakte hai agar apko interest hai to aur mehnat karne ke liye ready hai to. Dairy Farm me mehnat bahut lagti hai kyuki aap jitni staff rakhenge unko payment bhi to karna padega issliye khud mehnat kijiye and apni family ko bhi help karne boliye aapki business me kyuki Dairy Farm chalana ekele ki bat nahi hai.

25 September 2018




Hi Friends,

Aj main apko Lab Technician aur Pathologist ke bare batanewali hoon. Sabse pahle jante hai lab technician ka kya kam hota hai ya lab technician kise kahte hai? Jaise doctor patient ko examine karke treatment karta hai thik usi tarah lab technician disease ke bare me pata karne ke liye test ya examine karta hai and doctor ko help karte hai treatment me.

Jaise apne dekha hoga agar job aap doctor ke pas jate hai to doctors kuch medicine prescribe karte hai agar aap medicine se thik nahi huye to doctor kuch test karne ke liye dete hai jaise blood test, urine test, stool test, sputum test, screening, x-ray taki humhari disease ka pata chale aur humhari treatment thik se ho sake. Lab technician ka kam hota hai blood, urine, stools, fluids, sputum, drug, cells ka test karna aur disease ke bare me pata karna aur report banana taki doctor bimari ke bare me jan sake aur thik se treatment kar sake. Lab technician doctors ke supervision me kam karte hai aur independent bhi kam karte hai. Lagbhag sabhi hospitals, clinic, laboratories, diagnostic center, blood bank, organ deposit bank, heath care center, research center, biotechnology center me lab technician appoint kiya jata hai. Inko bahut sare machine ko operate karna jaise microscope, test tubes, MRI, CT scan machine, X-ray machine, different chemical ko safely use karna aur computer me report taiyar karna sikhaya jata hai. Ye bahut hi risky job hai.

Ye bahut hi responsible job hai aur health care related job hai aur iski demand bahut jyada hai ajkal kyuki koi bhi doctor ajkal bina test kiye treatment karna nahi chahta hai isme bahut risk hai isliye doctor pahle test karana prefer karte hai.

Humhare organs, tissues, cells, drug  ka bhi test hota hai jo ki pathologist karte hai. Pathologist ke liye MBBS karne ke bad MD karna padta hai aur ye jyadatar autopsy karte hai aur human body ke tissues, cells, fluids, drugs ke bare me examine ya test karte hai. Inki job bahut hi responsible hota hai aur ye health care related profession hai. Pathologist bhi doctor hote hai jo ki disease ke bare research ya examine karte hai.

India me iski demand bahut hi jyada hai kyuki India ki population second position me hai World me to jitni log utni jyada bimari aur treatment ke liye test bhi karana padta hai issliye ye bahut hi labhdayak profession hai.



Agar aap 12th me PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) se ho to aap ye MLT course kar sakte hai ya graduation ke bad bhi certificate course ya diploma course kar sakte hai. Is course me admission ke liye minimum 50-60% marks general ke liye aur kisi kisi college me entrance se selection hota hai.


Agar aap pathologist banna chahte ho to iske liye aap ko pahle MMBS karna padega uske liye aap ko 12th PCB stream se karne ke bad MBBS ka entrance exam qualify karna padta hai jaise NEET, AIIMS, ya state label ka medical entrance exam. Nahi to aap private se bhi kar sakte hai. Uske bad MD karne ke liye pathlogy choose karna hoga uske bad aap pathologist ban sakte ho.

Lab technology ya Cath lab technology ka course generally 3-4 years ka hota hai 12th ke bad. Agar aap lab technology me graduate hai to 1 ya 2 sal ka diploma ya certificate course bhi kar sakte hai. Course karne ke bad aapko 6 month ka internship karna jaruri hai. 

Agar aap clinical pathologist banna chahte hai to aap ko pahle MBBS karne liye 5.5 sal lagenge uske bad 3 years Master degree (MD) karna padega and 1 sal ka internship matlab total 8.5 se 9 sal lagenge clinical pathologist banne ke liye.


M.L.T. (B. Sc. in Medical Laboratory Technology).
B.M.L.T. (Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology).
D.M.L.T. (Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology).
C.M.L.T. (Certified Medical Laboratory Technology).


  • Guru Govind Singh Indrapastha University.
  • Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences. 
  • DAV College, Chandigarh.
  • Geetanjali University, Udaipur.
  • Baba Farid College, Bathinda.
  • Punjab University, Chandigarh.

  • Khalsa College, Amritsar.

    • Aur bhi bahut sare college ya institution hai India me. Aap is Link me dekh sakte hai Colleges of Lab Technology

      Lab technology course karne ke bad jyadatar colleges placement bhi provide karte hai. To aako job ke liye tention lena nahi padega. Agar apke pas invest karne ke liye capital hai to aap apni lab bhi khol sakte hai independently. Ye bahut hi profitable profession hai.



      Lab Technology

      Lab technology ki course ke hisab se fees hoti hai. Agar aap Bachelor Degree yani MTL karenge to minimum 30000 se 40000 lagenge per semester. Government college me thora kam fees lagti hai. Fees Structure of Lab Technology

      Agar aap pathologist banna chahte hai to jyada padega. 5.5 years MBBS course ke liye Government college me fees lagbhag 1.5 se 2 lakh per year se lagega phir MD karne ke liye aur lagenge. MD karne ke liye entrance dena padta hai. Private me bahut hi jyada fees structure hai MBBS karne ke liye laghbhag 7-8 lakhs per year. Fees and Salary Structure of a Pathologist


      Lab technology me bahut sare department hote hai jaise ki:
      • Blood sample matching.
      • Microbiology.
      • Urine analysis.
      • Coagulation.
      • Immunology.
      • Serology.
      • Hematology.
      • Blood banking.
      • Chemical analysis of body fluids.
      • Parasitology
      • Blood banking.
      • Cystotechnology (Body cells and Tissue examine).
      • Drug analysis.

      Lab technology me aur ek department ata hai jaise ki Radiology jisme har tarah ke Screening, x-rays, diagnostic tests karna sikhaya jata hai unhe Radiologist kahte hai. Iske bare me bhi aapko batayungi next time.

      Ye bhi jane:

    • Medical Transcription Kya Hai?
    • How To Be A Script Writer and Screenplay Writer?
    • How To Be A Teacher?
    • How To Be A Medical Coder and Biller?


        Lab technician ko suruyat me aapo ko 10,000 to 15,000 milenge lekin experience hone ke bad aap 2,00000 se 4,50000 lakh tak kama sakte hai iss field me annually. Agar aap apna lab shuru karte hai to bahut hi jyada munafa hoga.

        Aap iss list me bhi dekh sakte hai Salary lab technician ke Pay Scale of a lab technician 

        Lab technician bahut hi risky job hai aur ye ek responsible job hai aur aapko machinery, chemicals ke bare me interest honi chahiye usko smoothly handle karna ana chahiye to aap iss field me aa sakte hai. Is field me pressure bahut jyada hota hai issliye aapo under pressure kam karna ana chahiye aur bahut hi dyan se kam karna anna chahiye kyuki apki ek galti se kisi ki halat kharab ho sakti hai.

        18 September 2018


        Paper plate, Dona aur Cup banane ke business kaise start kare?
        Paper plates, Dona and cups
        Paper plates, dona and cups

        Hi Friends,

        Main asha karti hoon apko paper plate, dona and cup kya hoti hai pata hoga. Apne koi bhi party me, picnic me ya koi bhi occation me inka use jarur kiye honge. Paper cup me chai ya coffee jarur piye honge.

        Ajkal paper made cup aur plate ka use bahut hota hai kyuki plastic ki bane plate aur cup humhare sehat ke liye thik nahi hai issliye paper cup aur plate ki demand bahut jyada bad gayi hai aur iss business me profit bhi bahut jyada hai to sab iss bussiness me apne interest dikha rahe hai agar apko to iss business me interest hai to aap bhi iss business start karke achha munafa kama sakte hai.

        Yehi bhi pade:

        About making
        To main apko ye plate aur cup kaise bante hai batati hoon. Jyadatar plate paper se bante hai aur thermocoal ka bhi hota hai. Cup jyadatar paper ki hoti hai. Plate aur dona bahut sare materials se banti hai aur design ki banti hai aur iski varity bahut jyada hai market me.

        Paper plate and cup banane ki business bahut hi asani se start honewali business hai khali apke pas business start karne ke liye invesment hone chahiye nahi to aap loan lekar bhi start kar sakte hai. Aapke ghar me agar thodi si jagah hai to ap apni ghar se bhi start kar sakte hai agar apke ghar me jagah nahi hai to aap koi bhi store rent pe lekar start kar sakte hai.

        Paper plate making machine
        Paper plate making machine

        Paper plate aur cup banane ke liye jo machine ka use hota hai dono hi market me available hai semi-automatic and fully automatic.  Aap online store se kharid sakte hai Online Store for Paper plate and cup making machine nahi to aapke near market me se bhi kharid sakte hai. Koi bhi bade town me ye machine mil jayenge. 

        Plate making machine

        Machine Price

        Machine ki price uski productivity capacity, automation, plate size or cup size, variety weight ke hisab se hoti hai. 

        • Semi automatic plate making machine around 35,000 se 75,000 Rs ki aati hai.
        • Fully automatic plate making machine around single die machine 50,000 to 70,000 Rs hai.
        • Fully automatic plate making double die machine 100000 se 250000 Rs hai.
        • Fully automatic cup making machine around 6, 00000 to 800000 Rs hai.
        • Semi automatic cup making machine around 1,00000 se 25,0000 Rs ki aati hai.
        Fully automatic machine
        Fully automatic machine

        Raw Material

        Iske liye apko polycoated, aluminium coated, leaf coated, thermocoal aur paper jaise raw material ke roll chahiye honge. Ye material aap marker se purchase kar sakte hai nahi to apke pas agar investment ke jyada paisa hai to raw material banane ke machine bhi le sakte hai. Iski price lagbhag 600000 hai. Aapko Indiamart se raw material supplier ki address mil jayegi ya google me search kar sakte hai apne nearest dealer ke bare me.

        Raw material price in market

        • Polycoated raw material 40/kg INR.
        • Banana leaf or kela pattta raw material 50/kg INR.
        • Almunium coated raw material 59/kg INR.
        • Thermocoal roll raw material 180/KG INR.

        Market me bahut sare varity hai raw material ke apko thora research karne se market me kaun varity ke plate or cup ki demand hai pata chal jayega aur phir aap us hisab se machine kharid kar apni business start kar dijiye. Machine kharidne ke bad aap apne machine bechhnewale se demontration sikhkar asani se paper plate bana sakte hai aur market me supply kar sakte hai. Nahi to aap google me video se bhi sikh sakte hai.

        Ab aap ko batate hai isse kaise plate taiyar karte hai.

        Iss machine ko aap khud chala sakte ho nahi to aap ek staff bhi rakh sakte ho. Automatic machine me jyada kuch nahi karna padta koi bhi operate kar sakta hai ladies ho ya gents koi hai chala sakte hai khali samay-samay pad paper roll ko refill karna padta hai.

        Semiautomatic machine me aapko hat se kuch kam karne padte hai jaise cup ke base banane ke liye use machine niche lagane padta hai, plates ko collect karne padte hai aur roll ko bhi refill karna padta hai matlab aapko hat se bhi kuch kam karna padta hai.

        Productivity Capacity

        Semi-automatic machine 1 hour me almost 500 to 1000 plate bana lete hai.
        Fully automatic machine ki productivity 80 se 100 plate ya cup per minute hai to agar aap 8 hours bhi machine chalate ho to kuch hi dino me aapki investment ki hui rakam wapas aa jayegi.

        Cup making machine ka dam jyada hai aur iski demand bhi jyada hai market me kyuki jyadatar chai ya coffee bechnewale isse use karte hai aur India me nato chai pinewale ki kami hai nayi bechnewale ki. Ye bahut hi papular business hai. Party, office, ghar, picnic, company aur koi bhi occasion ho chai ya coffee to banta hai.

        To aap bhi agar ghar se kuch business start karna chahte hai to bahut hi badiya hai paper plate ya cup banane ki business. Jisse ap machine lenge unse aap achhe se demonstration lekar operate karna sikhkar ya youtube/google me video dekhlar machine operate karna sikhiye aur apna business start kar dijiye. Bahut hi jyada profit hai iss business me.

        13 September 2018




        Aj main apko Bhagwan Ganeshji ke nam lekar flowers ki home delivery business shuru kaise kare iske bare me batati hoon.

        Phool kise achhi nahi lagti chahe yo inshan ho ya bhagwan. Iski looks and sugandh ke kya kahne. Dekhne se hi dil khoos jo jata hai aur hum apni sab stress kuch somoy ke liye bhul jate hai. Iski sughand ya aroma se ghar me aur humhari mann ko ek shukun milti hai. Iski bina humari pooja adhuri rahti hai aur koi bhi occasion ho iske bina adhuri hai. Isliye iski demand bhi bahut jyada hai. Phool aisi chij hai jiski jarurat hume har mouke me padti hai chahe khushi ke ho ya dukh ke. Ajkal flowers ke business bahut hi popular hai and profitable bhi.

        Flowers ya phool sabhi ko pasand hai chahe yo bude ho ya jawan. Flowers apni aroma se sabke mann me ek shukun ya positiveness deti hai and phool ke bina to hum pooja ke bare me nahi soch sakte. Mery khyal se market me jo room freshener milti hai usme use honewali chemicals humhare health ke liye hanikarak ho sakti hai kyuki woh bhi to chemical se banti hai jaise agarbatti ke smoke to humhe humhari ghar ke liye hamesha natural chijo ka use karna hi thik rahta hai. Isliye gharo me aroma ke liye phoolo se behtar kuch nahi hai aur humhe phooldani ya vase ko jarur fresh phoolo se sajana chahiye.

        Flowers Home Delivery Service Kya Hai?

        Ajkal jyadatar metro cities ya bade saharo me log flat ya bahut hi kam area wale gharo me rahte hai ya rent me rahte hai to unke pas utna jyada jagah nahi bachti hai ki woh gardening kare ya phoolo ke paudhe lagaye lekin roj pooja ke liye ya ghar me rakhe phooldani ko sajane ke phool chahiye hota hai woh bhi fresh. Agar party hua to bhi phool chahiye hota hai! kisiko gift dena hai to phool chahiye hota hai! Shadi me to chahiye chahiye! Lekin unke pas itni samay nahi hai ki gardening kare ya phoolo ke paudhe lagaye to jyadatar log market se kharid late hai. Kisi kisike pas itna samay bhi nahi hota hai ki wo daily market se fresh phool kharid laye? Kisi kisi ko to subah subah dant bhi padta hai market se phool nahi lane ke liye bhul jane ke karan. To unhe lagta hai ki agar ye ghar me hi daily fresh phoolo ki delivery jo jati hai to achha rahta jaise ki vegetables to daily ki samasya khatm ho jati.

        Aj main apko issi phoolo ki business kaise kar sakte hai batati hoon. To jiske pas thodi si bhi jamin ya khali jagah hai gardening ke liye to achha rahega agar nahi hai to bhi chalega ap apni rooftop ya chhad par bhi kar sakte hai phoolo ki farming. Sabse pahle ap jis phoolo ke jyada demand hai uski farming kijiye ghar pad ya rooftop pad. Rooftop pad kaise farming karte hai uski jankari apko online mil jayegi. Ap online phoolo ke seeds ya plants bhi kharid sakte hai. Main apko kuch links share karti hoon flowers farming ke bare me usse apko asani hogi.

        Important Links

        Niche link ap dekh sakte hai kaise rooftop ya chhad me farming ki jati hai ap internet se aur jyada jankari le sakte ho.

        Niche diye gaye links se ap online seeds or plants kharid sakte ho ya apni near kisi nursery se bhi kharid sakte ho.

        Business Kaise Start Kare In Details

        Agar apke pas jamin nahi hai to koi bat nahi khali apke pas ek room available rahna chahiye to ap market se fresh phool kharid sakte hai aur apni business shuru kar sakte hai.

        Sabse pahle app garden me ya chhad me phoolo ke paudhe lagaye agar nahi hai to market se kharid laye aur bouquet banana sikh le ho sake to. Ap youtube ke video se bhi sikh sakte ho nahi to ap phoolo ke store (dukan) me jo bouquet banana jante ho usse training le sakte ho. Phir apni is business ke bare me adviertisement ke liye whatsapp group or social media me account open karke ap loose phoolo ki home delivery karte ho, apke yeha loose phool, bouquet, har party ya shadi me supply ke liye phool delivery hoti hai to apki business ko jaldi success milegi. Phir ap apne area ya street se shuru kijiye. Jinko daily loose phool chahiye unko ap home delivery kijiye dhire dhire ap apne as paske area me bhi supply kijiye. Sabse pahle ho sake to ap khud delivery kijiye apki morning workout bhi yo jayegi then delivery boy rakh lijiye. Ajkal kuch online store me home delivery ki subidha hai but mere khyal se ye daily use honiwali loose phool delivery nahi karti hai to ap agar daily loose phool supply karenge to customer bhi apko prefer karenge bade order ke liye isse apki business spread hone me deri nahi lagegi. Dhire dhire ap car decorate karna sikh le phir iski bhi order le sakte hai nahi to bad me jab apki business chal padegi ya apko faida dikhne lagega to ap apni hisab se joki iski jankar hai staff bhi rakh sakte ho. Iske bad ap car decorating, bed decorating jo ki India me bahut hi papular hai sab kar sakte ho, koi bhi event ho ap phool supply kar sakte ho ya decorate kar sakte ho. 

        Ap apni business ko badane ke liye Event Management se jur sakte hai ya Event Organizer se bhi contact kar sakte ho. Ap internet se apke area ke Event Organizer ya Event management ki bare me pata laga sakte hai. 

        Lekin daily customer ko nahi bhule unko bhi daily phoolo ka supply kijiye aur ho sake to monthly basis me payment lijiye. Ap apne kharch ke hisab se dam rakhe shuru me thoda kam rakhe to apko customer jyada milenge.


        Mujhe lagta hai ap agar market se phool kharid kar karenge to bahut hi kam paisa me start ho jayega. Agar apke pas jamin hai to flowers ke farming se karenge to jyada padega area ke hisab se padega aur agar apke pas jamin nahi hai to lease me bhi le sakte hai to usme aur jyada lagega. Rooftop se bhi shuru kar sakte hai.

        Lekin main apko batati hoon agar apke pas agar farming ke liye jamin hai to ap flowers ke farming ke bare me achhe se jankari lekar hi isme aye kyuki isme jyada investment hai to risk bhi jyada hai. Agar apke pas jamin hai to government se apko loan bhi mil jayegi aur subsidy bhi milti hai state ke hisab se. 

        To ap bhi apni phoolo ka business start kijiye aur sabki ghar me and jeevan me phool ki sugandh phailate rahiye aur phoolo se sajate rahiye aur phoolo ki tarah hamesha khile khile(muskurate) rahiye.

        Hopefully apko iss business ko kaise shuru karna hai pata chal gaya hoga! Achha laga hoga to please comment jarur kare aur likes bhi!☺

        10 September 2018



        Hi Friends,

        Today, I am going discuss with you how to be an actor or actress by profession. I know there are lots of articles in this topic so I am just share my little knowledge about this industry.

        In the world lots of people have a dream that she or he would be an actor and shines always like a star with fame, lots of love from fans with bank balance.

        In this industry if you success then you have gain lots of fame, fans, friends and their love and you win lots of people's heart with huge bank balance. So lots of people having a dream to be an actor and always ready to struggle a lot to fulfill their dreams.

        ACTOR'S JOB

        Who perform or playing a character in stages, drama, movies, serials, theater or short movies known as a actor or actress.

        Now, I am going to describe with you how to be an actor?  After completed your graduation or high school you have to learn some acting skills such as how to deliver dialogues with emotion, facing camera, acting technique, how perform a character, dancing, movement etc. There are many institutes who provide this course. Nationalized institution are the better options for this training. After training you have to make a good portfolio with a good photographer then you send your portfolio or tried your luck through auditions. It is an entertainment industry and you have make connections through the producers, directors, artist and TV channels and company.

        Young Actors Training Center


        WILL SMITH
        WILL SMITH

        If you are passionate and very strong determination about being an actor then you try your luck in this industry because this is a very tough field to survive and require lots of struggles, sacrifices, patience, and strong determination. It is a very risky field so whenever you choose this field to be careful about side effects like negative thoughts and depression and insecurity.

        Now days Television Industry is a big industry of entertainment, so you can start your carrier as an artist or actor through this industry and gain some experience and then you try your luck in movies would be better. If you have connections in this field then you then you can easily get a chance. So connections with producers, directors or actors is the most helpful link for your carrier in this field. If you have no connections in the entertainment industry then you have to make connection with them. If you have not enough money to get trained then you can start practicing acting in front of a mirror then it will be very helpful.


        If you try your luck in Hollywood then you have to learn some skills of acting and these institutions are help you much. I share some links with you about acting schools or colleges. Please go through this, it will help you sure.



        If you are from India there are lots of school and colleges of in metro cities because India is the most popular for movie making in the world. So, you can find easily any school or colleges which are provide certificate course, diploma course, bachelor course, master degree with lots of options.  Some of which institute also provides weekend diploma course. It is basically 3-6 months duration course, and also they provide 1 to 3 year duration course. They are also provides online courses with short term duration. They also offer part time courses. If you have any experience in modeling, or you won any titles such as Mr. India, Miss India and state level competition, or city level competition then it would be very helpful for you. If you have any other skills like dancing, singing, stage performer its also helpful. You can see fees structure in these links.


        FTI INDIA



        There is no age limit in this field and this is the best part in this industry. You can start your carrier as a child artist. There is no age bar. You can start your carrier at any age and for every age group have work in this industry.


        Whenever you completed your school, undergraduate or graduate degree from any stream you can pursue your carrier in this field.


        You cannot imagine how much an actor in Bollywood get paid. Its our beyond of thinking. Its about 10 to 20 crore in our Bollywood superstar and Tollywood superstart chargers per film. Hollywood actors earn near about $10 million to $70 million in a year. I share a link about their earnings.

        This is the main part why all have a dream to become an actor and actress from my point of view.

        Highest Paid Actors and Actresses list


        Now days Television actors and actress are too popular and they also earn an attractive Salary too. In Television industry is little harder than film industry from my point of view. A television actor have to work almost 12 to 16 hours in a day then they will earn their attractive Salary. You can see in those links about their salary structure and their charges.

        If you have inborn talent or inner talent in acting I mean to say if you have some experience in participate in school's dramas, stage shows, programs or college's programs and you have some dancing skills, acting skills and stage performance experience then you can try your own through online auditions. Such as TICKET TO AUDITION


        In India there are lots of online entertainment company or channels are selected their actor and actress through online mode.  These channels or company selected their casts both online and offline. First of all you have to register in those sites and then upload your portfolio, acting video clip of their required dialogues or scene with all your personal details. If they are satisfied with your acting skills they would give you an invitation to come their office for audition for serials, short movies, web series, dramas or movies. you can go through these links. It will help you sure. AUDITION FORM (ZEE TV). You can also participate in TV channel's actor selecting program. Television channels also broadcast best actor competition type program through this program they provide a chance to be an actor in movies or films.

        For Bollywood you have to learn some dancing, dialogue delivery and how to create a scene with emotion then it will be easy for you be an actor. So, without training it must be very tough to gain success. In training schools or colleges, they will teach you all things about acting such as dancing, how to perform, dialogue delivery, pronunciation, fighting, perform with emotions, scene study, movement, how to face camera and acting techniques.

        It is a very risky and struggling profession now due to competition so prepare for all things, ups and downs and keep patience then you would be a successful actor in the future.

        Lastly, I warn you that it is too risky field so you must have to complete your education then move into this industry because sometimes your luck or hard work is not enough for this industry. So, always be ready to switch into other field.  If you success then you will achieve all things.

        All ways are difficult so you have to take risk in your life to achieve your goal.

        Best of luck!

        7 September 2018



        Working with Voice Recognition Machine
        Working with Voice Recognition Machine

        Hi Friends,

        Aaj main apko very unique profession yani medical transcription ke bare me batana chahti hoon. Mujhe bahut hi bura lagta hai jab mujhe pata chalta hai ki bahut sare logo ko iske bare pata nahi hai. Isliye main unlogo ke liye likh rahi hoon jise nahi pata hai. Medical transcription me actually marij ya patient ki report taiyar karna padta hai health insurance company ke liye, doctors ke liye bhi aur patient ki medical record ke liye bhi. Apne dekha hoga discharge ke samay apko ek report di jati hai jisme, patient ke bare me har details rahti hai, bimari ke bare me, tests ke bare me aur kya medicine lena hai woh bhi likha hota hai. Jo log ye report taiyar karte hai unhe medical transcriptionist ya medical language specialist kaha jata hai. America me har patient ka record rakha jata hai aur dusre country me bhi. Pahle to India ke hospitals me nahi hota tha lekin abhi Indian hospitals me aur clinic me bhi hota hai aur diagnostic center me bhi. Ye ek health care industry hai. Lekin India ke hospital me aur dusri country ke hospital me transcription alag tarike ke hota hai jaise India me jyadatar doctors ki report padkar ya dekhkar report taiyar karna padta hai transcriber ko but dusri country me record ya doctors ki voice sunkar report taiyar karna padta hai transcriber ko joki bahut hi difficult hai kyuki recording me voice ki quality hamesha achhi nahi hoti hai upper se unki English bolne ki accent bhi alag hota hai jaise Americans ke English bolne ki accents UK ke English bolnewale se match nahi hoti hai.

        USA me ye industry pahle se developed hai aur bahut popular profession hai. Puri duniya me ye industry bahut hi popular hai jaise UK, Australia, UAE sab jagah me hoti hai.

        Apko jankar tajjub hoga America, UK aur Australia jaise bade countries humhare yeha jyadartar outsource karte iss kam ko matlab humare yeha ke transcriptionist ye report taiyar karte hai kyuki India se kam karane se unko faida hota hai kyuki ek to ye bahut hi tough job hai aur iski salary bhi bahut hoti dusri country me aur samay ke differenece ke bajah se bhi. Humari country me jab din hoti hai to America me rat. Dusri bat India me kam karne ki logo ki kami nahi hai, bas kam ki kami hai isliye jyadatar transcription kam India bheja jata hai. India ke English bhi kafi acchi hai khaskar South India me.

        South India me ye ek badi industry hai. Ajkal metro cities me bhi bahut sare company hai.

        Main apko ab America jo outsource karti hai usko India ke transcriptionist kaise taiyar karte batati hoo.

        Basically kya hota USA based hospitals doctors ki voice ko record karke yeha India me jo Tranascription company hai usme bhej deti hai internet ke through aur India me jo company hai woh apni staff se yani medical transcriptionist se report taiyar karke, edit karke bhej deti hai USA ke hospitals ya clinic me.

        Eske liye training jaruri hai, iske bina possible nahi hai kisi bhi halat me nahi. Kyuki eski ek format hoti hai aur uski hisab se report taiyar karna hota hai aur apko human anatomy ke bare me pata hona chahiye and diseases ke bare me, medicine nam ke bare me.

        Isme actually kya hota hai ap apni kano me headphone lagakar doctor ki voice ko sunkar jo recorded hota hai apko report taiyar karna padta hai MS Word me. Iske liye bahut sare software bhi aati hai alag alag company ke alag alag software hoti hai. Sabse pahle doctor ki voice ko download karna padta hai aur phir report taiyar karne ke bad upload karna padta hai. Pending nahi rakh sakte ho. Bahut responsible hona padta hai. Ye puri tarah se online job hai. Iske liye apko computer, headphone, foot pedal aur internet connection jaruri hota hai. Report taiyar hone par usko editor ke pas send karna hota aur edit hone bad local company sidhe dusri country ke hospitals or clinic me bhej deti hai internet ke through.

        Isme bahut sare job profile hai jaise:

        • Junior Medical Transcriptionist.
        • Senior Medical Transcriptionist.
        • Proofreader.
        • Editor.
        • Quality Analytics.
        • Team Leader.

        Aur sabko apne experience ke hisab se salary milti hai. Isme accuracy bahut jyada maine rakhta hai accuracy ke hisab se apki salary hoti hai. Jitni jyada mistake unti kam salary. Koi koi company line count ke basis se payment karti hai. USA me per hour ke basis se salary di jati hai.

        Pahle puri report ko hat se type ya punch karna padta tha jise standard transcription kaha jata hai. Abhi bhi bahut sare companies me hoti hai. Ab punching karne le machine hoti hai (Speech Recognition Machine) Ajkal is machine ka use jyada hota hai aur machine ke dyara taiyar ki gahi report ko edit karne ke liye Editor or Proofreader ki jarurat hoti hai. Kyuki machine to machine hoti hai uske pas brain nahi hai to ulta pulta report bana deti hai isliye edit karna jaruri hota hai.

        Ab main apko kuch badi company ke nam batati hoon jo ki India me hai.

        Perry Johnson Transcription Service.
        Accusis India Private Limited.

        Bahut sari company Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkatta aur abhi to puri India me hai. Lekin South India me jyada hai.

        Iski training ap online aur offline dono tarike se kar sakte ho. Ye course 6 maniye ke hote hai lekin 6 mahina bahut kam hai ise puri tarah se sikhne ke liye. Traing ke bad jyadatar company job provide karti hai nahi to placement deti hai.

        Medical Transcription course institution

        Is kam ko ap home based mode se bhi kar sakte ho. Iske liye apko computer, internet connection aur power backup rahna jaruri hai kyuki ap report pending nahi rakh sakte ho turant finish karne ke bad upload karne padta hai. Iski training ke liye jyada paisa nahi lagta hai 25 se 30 k online course le hota hai aur agar ap centre se karoge to jyada lagta hai lagbhag 35 se 50 k. Ap ise part time ke basis se kar sakte ho. Ye jyadar day shift and night shift dono hota hai. Ajkal jyada night shift ho raha hai.

        Medical Transcription Training Center

        Medical Transcription Training Center in India


        Ap graduate ke bad training kar sakte hai ya 12th ke bad bhi kar sakte hai. Agair apke subject life science hai to bahut hi achha nahi hai to bhi kar sakte hai. Iski Certificate course bhi hoti hai.

        Training me apko bahut sare chije padayi jayegi jaise ki:

        • Human Anatomy.
        • Medical Terminology.
        • Pathology.
        • Pharmacology.
        • Basic Medical Transcription.
        • Keyboard Typing.
        • English Grammar and Style.
        • CIS.
        • Speech Recognition Editing.
        American accents ya British accents sunne aur samajhne ki training di jati hai.

        Medical Transcriptionist Salary in India

        As a Junior MT 10-15 k.
        As a Senior MT 20-30 k.
        As an Editor 35-45 k.
        As a Team Leader almost 50 k uper se incentive milakar 70-90 k ho jata hai.

        Ajkal Indian hospitals me bhi bahut requirement hai medical transcriptionist ki.

        To agar ap graduate hai ya 12th pass hai to iss field me aa sakte hai. Apki listening power and English thori achhi honi jaruri hai. Housewives ke liye to bahut hi achha profession hai kyuki ap ghar se bhi kar sakte ho.

        Main bhi esi field me hoon aur 7 sal se ghar se hi kar rahi hoo.

        6 September 2018


        Hi All,

        Main aj bahut hi responsible, respectable, simple and noble profession ke bare me apko batati hoon. Mujhe asha hai ki ap sabko iske bare me pata hai. Phir bhi jinko iske bare me achhe se malum nahi ye post unke liye hai.

        Mere khyal se teacher woh nahi hoti hai jo ki humhe khali books ko follow karke padaye aur usike bare samjhaye balki humare bachho ko kuch jiban ke achhe bure ke bare me bhi jankari de aur humhe har achhi kam ke liye inspired kare aur har bure kamo ke liye humhe achhe se uske bure outcome ke bare samjhaye. Mere kyal se jisse hum kuch sikh paye wohi humhare teacher hai. Isme umar ki koi pabandi nahi nahi hai. Hum apne se kam umar ke logo se bhi bahut kuch sikh sakte hai. Aadmi ki sikhne ki koi umar nahi hoti nahi shikhane ki.

        Ye ek aisa profession hai jisme sab ana chahte hai khaskar ladies kyuki ye bahut hi simple, noble, respective, kam samay aur chuttiya bahut jyada hai dusri profession ki tulna me.

        Aj main apko teaching ko ap apni profession kaise banaye uski jankari doongi. Teacher banne ke jaruri nahi hai ki ap school aur college me padaye. Ap apni graduate or post graduate karne ke bad ap apne ghar se bhi start kar sakte hai. Jaise tution dekar aur coaching classes me padakar. Ajkal coaching classes ka bharmar hai India me. Koi bhi stream me jaiye sabke alag alag coaching institute hai chahe woh medical field ho, engineer ho, government job ho, Bank ho ya koi bhi field ho.

        Coaching institution me Salary package bhi acchi hai lekin apko experience hona chahiye padane ka.
        Ap chahe to online platform se bhi shuru kar sakte hai. Iske liye ap youtube me apna channel khol sakte hai aur apni gyan sobse share kar sakte hai. Social media se bhi ap apna gyan bat sakte hai. WhatsApp se bhi suru kar sakte hai. Isse apki popularity badegi aur ap achhe institute or coaching centre join kar sakte hai. Koi koi institution to 8-9 k/pa bhi offer karte hai.

        Ap main apko school me padane ke liye kya-kya criteria hai apko batati hoon. Sabse pahle agar ap graduate hai to 45% se 50% marks ke sath kisi bhi stream se to ap iss profession me apna carrier shuru kar sakte hai.

        Sabse pahle apko graduate ke bad B.Ed ka course karne ke liye kya karna hai batati hoon. B.Ed course 2 sal ke hote hai pahle ek sal me hota tha.Ye course jyadatar University ya college me hota hai lekin kisi AICTE approved university ya college se karna sahi hota hai. Ajkal admission on line mode se hota hai aur kuch college me entrance ke through selection hota hai. Private college me bhi ye course hota hai lekin fees thoda jyada lagta hai. B.Ed ke liye government college me lagbhag 1 se 2 lakh tak fees lagti hai. Different states me different fees structure hai. B.Ed karne ke bad apko koi koi college placement provide karti hai private school me. Ap IGNOU se bhi kar sakte yadi ap corresponding course karna chahte hai to iss me apko kam paisa lagenge but select hona hi bahut jyada tough hai.


        Hal hi me sarkar ne ek new diploma course start kiye hai Diploma in Elementary Education (D.EL.Ed) 2 sal ke liye liye jinke pas B. Ed nahi hai aur already koi school me padate hai ye course unke liye hai aur isme paisa bhi bahut kam lagta hai. Ab sab candidate ke liye start ho gaya hai. Ye thora kam feeswali course hai. Iske karne ke bad ap primary school me bhi pada sakte hai.

        DLED NIOS

        Government school me job pane ke liye apko B.Ed karne ke bad ek teacher eligibility test hota hai CTET, iss exam ko pass karna hota uske bad hi ap apply kar sakte hai government school me. Ek state level ki bhi exam hoti hai usko bhi agar ap clear kar lete hai ap apply kar sakte hai state government school me. Ajkal CBSE board wale private school me bhi padane ke liye CTET jaise exam clear karna padta hai.

        CIET NIC IN

        Pahle teaching sabse easy profession mana jata tha aur sab isme ane lagte the chahe usko padana ata ho ya nahi to iss profession me bhir jyada go gayi to sarkar me pas itni naukri nahi hai isliye sarkar abhi teaching profession me bahut strict ho gaye hai. Kyuki akhirkar ek teacher hi bachho ki future banane me madat karte hai aur bachho ko sahi aur galat ka bhed samjhate hai.

        Ye to tha high school aur primary school me padane ke liye eligibility.

        Ab apko batate hai Montessori or elementary school me padane ke liye eligibility. Agar 12th pass or graduate hai to pada sakte hai Elementary Teacher Training (E.T.T.) ke bad se pada sakte hai. Ye bhi 2 sal ka course hota hai iske fees lagbhag 5000 se 2 lakh tak ke hoti hai. Iss course ke complete hone par ap Elementary school or primary school me pada sakte hai. Ap IGNOU se bhi kar sakte hai.


        Ajkal to ye businesses ban gayi hai apke pas agar jagah aur capital hai to ap franchise bhi le sakte hai Preschool, Montessori or elementary school ki.


        Ap main apko ek government school teacher ki salary batati hoon high school teacher ki salary kariban 40-50 k hoti hai. Lekin abhi high school teacher 9 to 12 class tak padane ke liye M.Sc ka bhi degree hona chahiye.

        College me professor banne ke liye apko M.Sc with 50% to 55% marks ke bad NET exam qualify karna hota hai aur Ph.D bhi hona jaruri hai regular basis naki corresponding.

        Professor's ki salary almost 1k hota hai. Isme salary achha hai lekin abhi bahut tough ho gaya hai entrance clear karna, competition ki bajah se aur dusri population ki bajah se.

        Agar ap sarkari school ya college ke padana nahi chahte ho to tution start kijiye aur experience kijiye aur apna coaching centre khol lijiye. Issme achhi kamai hai.

        Agar apke pas capital aur jagah hai to private school bhi khol sakte hai. India me private school ke bharmar hai and har koi apne baccho ko private school me padane me interest rakhte hai. Private school ke liye affiliation chahiye hota hai unke kuch rules or guidelines hote hai unko ap follow karke education ke field me businesses shuru kar sakte hai kyuki India me abhi do hi businesses popular hai ek to hospital or health care aur dusra education bahut hi jyada profitable. Kyuki kuch bhi ho jaye aadmi apne bachho ko achhi education dena chayega aur bimar admi apna treatment jarur karayega.